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Our products reduce costs on labour and logistics and we also have a plan of contributing our quota to meet the millennium development goal of reducing to 15% the level of poverty by the year 2020 in Nigeria and Africa at large through the reduction of in the cost of production and sales of our products to the populace.

The most important factor and the driving force for our company is the passion for industrial growth and technological advancement of our great nation Nigeria and Africa at large. We want to industrialize and promote self reliance among youths, farmers, retirees, etc.

We update our products with new innovations from time to time because we understand that research is the integral part of any meaningful project and so it is our companys philosophy to go a step further to acquire knowledge.

We have been able to sustain our business by increasing efforts to meet the demand of our tropical environment (Africa). We do this conveniently by taking advantage of our weather and we take into cognizance the specification our customers before fabricating equipments.

Our Products are:

  • Client compliant
  • Carefully designed
  • Rigidly fabricated
  • Durable
  • World class standard
  • With one year warranty
  • Fully supported for its lifetime
  • Free from rust (we use stainless steel technology)
  • User friendly
  • In use in virtually all parts of Nigeria and abroad

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